Taking Quality health to the doorsteps in villages

With an objective to take quality medical help to the doorstep of rural Gujarat and an access to quality medical help at affordable prices, ASK has adopted 15 villages and visits them every week with the Mobile Medical Unit. ASK doctors and nurses reach this village from the theASK clinic located in Dungarda Village (Jhariya Village) in Dangs district, Gujarat. We also plan to set up satellite clinics in each of these villages and employ a health worker in each of these centres who are under the continuous guidance of ASK doctors.

Dr Azariah & Dr Dona Azariah head the medical activities at Dungarda. We have at present, 1 GNM nurse, Miss Sharmila Ben Ganshu Bhai Pawar, completing her 2 year bond with us (started in May 2017), and 1 ANM nurse, Miss Ribika ben, under ASK Trust. Earlier when we had a lab technician, Miss Athisayam Selvi from Tirunelveli, they both used to go for daily health visits to the nearby villages, noting the weight, Blood Pressure and any other health issues faced in the family. With Miss Selvi’s return to Tamil Nadu in September 2017, the daily visits are, for now, put on a hold.

We’ve a Mobile Medical Unit (MMU), that is taken out daily (Tuesdays-Fridays) for evening camps (from 5pm onwards). The Mobile medical Unit was sponsored by the Brown Family and Wells for Life.

The ASK Trust Clinic on campus has a good stock of medicines, & we do dressings & follow-up care in the MMU. We are however, in need of an in-patient facility on campus. Plans & prayers are to start with a minimum 10 bedded facility soon & by His Grace, expand it to a 30 bedded facility within the next 5 years.

We have been actively searching for land to construct a Clinic plus in-bed facility set-up, in and around Dungarda village, by the main road. Talks are on with many land-owners regarding the same.

Other than these activities, both the doctors conduct camps in nearby districts like Tapi regularly over the weekends; every second Saturday there is a health camp at Kapura village, Tapi district.

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