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The Dawn of Monsoon...

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

Every time, before the monsoons arrive, the country and the media have grand discussions of how this year the agriculture, the motorways, and in general, life in itself, would fare in the rains.

In our small campus in Dungarda too, talks along the same vein emerge, with the same or even more intensity - of how our small (but long, nearly 750 meters from the main road) country-road to the campus would turn into a murky mire, of how the banks would softly cave in, making the road even more narrow to navigate, thus making our daily evening camps in the Medical Mobile Unit (MMU) an adventure of sorts. The cultivation of the land is next up in the heavy agenda for discussion.

Though for me, albeit all this holds importance in the grand scheme of things, monsoon equals pure bliss, joy, a glorious happiness. Words just don't suffice to describe the joy this season brings.

The new smell of the wet soil, mixed with the fragrance of freshly cut grass (for our cows), the lushness of the planted fields around, in our 8 acre campus, along with the deep croaking of dark green frogs, so happy with this opening of the skies...ALL this still doesn't complete or define the beauty of this nature that He has, so bountifully, blessed us with!

The crops that we sow annually, in our campus and the harvest that follows, reminds us, every single time, that the call to serve the people, is a more strident one, in today's world.

ASK Hostel girls volunteering at ASK Campus, Dungarda. This is part of ASK's self supportive project.

Inspite of all the possible advancements seen in technology, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and all, people today are even more lonelier than ever before. Sufferings, instead of abating, have taken up new forms and proportions. Amidst all this, the call to give succour and serve selflessly, is a tall one.

One that, by His Grace, we strive to achieve, every single day in our lives in this picturesque little village named Dungarda in the Dangs district of South Gujarat. :)


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